Conference Overview

The Northwest Creation Conference network is intended to challenge the current assumptions of our secular world through the lens of God’s truth of the Bible.  There is a revolt against God’s design for humanity, and the 2022 conference will address some of the current debates and topics to help believers think critically, Biblically, and boldly step up for the TRUTH. 

Covers Over 6 Topics
  • Answering Skeptics….Bill Nye!
  • The Case for Creation
  • There is NO Truth…Debunked
  • WHATEVER! How to Deal with Apathy
  • What’s the Deal on homosexuality
  • God Where are You, When I Need You
  • Becoming Bold
  • Who’s Voice are We Listening to?
  • Science vs. Faith
  • Evangelism 101, ten things I learned about evangelism from an atheist

2 Speakers

All Inclusive

1000+ Seats

3 Day Event

Key Speakers

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby’s passion is to proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible and to engage the minds and hearts of believers and unbelievers  so that they may experience the realities of the Word of God.  Whether Carl speaks to youth or adults, large or small crowds, at churches or  schools, he has a way of connecting and […]

Juan Valdes

Juan Valdes has a love for the Lord and a passion to reach both English and Spanish- speaking people with God’s message of redemption and biblical truths. God has blessed Juan with exciting and motivating communication skills, which he enjoys using to encourage and equip believers to know, live and share what they believe. Juan […]

Conference Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Part I & III target audience are college-age young people also known as “youth.”

Part II target audience are teens. 

People of ALL ages are welcome to all three parts of the conference, and will benefit from it. 

To help cover the lunch and other expenses, there will be a $10 registration fee at the door for the Saturday morning event only, and an offering will be collected during the other days. 

Talk to your teen and youth leaders at your local church to sign you up.  You can pay the $10 registration fee at the door on Saturday morning so come early to register before the program begins. 

Yes, please bring your friends. 

Yes, come back to to view the three parts of the conference.

Local church Saturday evening and Sunday morning/early afternoon programs can be viewed at their websites.  

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out